1st place at Fingerprint Verification Competition 2006

Innovatrics wins again the first place at the FVC2006 on 500dpi fingerprint scanners.

FVC2006 competition focuses on fingerprint verification software assessment. The purpose of the competition was to test over 44 algorithms on 4 databases:

  • DB 1 – AuthenTec electric field sensor, 96×96 pixels, 250dpi (low resolution)
  • DB 2 – Biometrika optical sensor, 400×560 pixels, 569dpi (high resolution)
  • DB 3 – Atmel thermal sweeping sensor, 400×500 pixels, 500dpi (high resolution)
  • DB 4 – SFinGe fingerprint generator, 288×384 pixels, 500dpi (high resolution)

Complete test results and testing procedure can be found at:

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