SmartFace Gets Major Update for Improved Scalability


Innovatrics has recently released SmartFace 3.2, a major update which gives users even more flexibility for scaling. Additionally, this latest version makes it possible for every video stream to run in a separate process. With this added capability, increasing resource requirements is highly-manageable, particularly when adding new cameras into the system.

face recognition

Efficiently designed to save time and resources, SmartFace is unlike other face recognition SDKs requiring biometric expertise to perform advanced demographic analysis. It can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications to carry out real-time face detection and recognition, age/gender detection, and unique visitor counting. With the new update, we’ve even made it more powerful for our users to enjoy the following:

  • Scaling and Performance improvements:
    • Each camera runs in a separate process
    • Matcher is decoupled from camera service
    • Extractor is decoupled from camera service
  • New iFace 3.6 library integrated
  • New license check API endpoint available
  • New keep-alive heartbeat messages available from ZeroMQ
  • Experimental support of USB cameras
  • Some data fetching from web GUI optimizations
  • Several web GUI UX improvements

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