Case studies

Seamless and Touch-Free Access Control in Agora Budapest

Budapest, Hungary | HB Reavis

HB Reavis wanted a secure and user-friendly system to give authorized users seamless access to their desired destination within the Agora Budapest. It should provide quick processing time at access points and high accuracy in identifying authorized users. Due to Covid-19, the new access control system has to support health and safety measures without being obtrusive. With advanced features, employees should enjoy a touch-free experience in the Agora Hub and Tower – moving around offices and buildings even without any access cards or fingerprint scanning.

In our case study, you will learn how Innovatrics SmartFace was deployed and synchronized with HB Reavis’ existing access control system to work with 48 cameras to provide contactless movement throughout the Agora Budapest for authorized personnel, including touch-free elevator rides.

HB Reavis is an international workspace provider creating remarkable experiences through real estate solutions. Their recent project, Agora office building in Budapest houses among others British Petroleum and covers circa 70,000 sq m of workspace for 6,000 employees.

Results Achieved with Touch-Free Access Control

  • Touch-free and seamless entry to the building and offices, creating a healthier environment thanks to realtime facial identification
  • Efficient elevator destination control system
  • Elimination of tailgating by tracking the direction and order of the users
  • Highly secure face recognition system working accurately with face masks on

Touch-free access control