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Facial Recognition Technology: An Effective Tool Against Gambling Addiction

South Australia | Tekhne Logia

South Australia introduced a gambling reform package, which mandates that any venues authorized to operate 30 or more gaming machines with at least one using a banknote acceptor are required to have approved facial recognition technology installed in their gaming rooms. A framework was established by the government, wherein a person can voluntarily opt to be enrolled in a Statewide Self-Exclusion Register anonymously.

Tekhne Logia, utilizing Innovatrics SmartFace, has been granted official approval for its face recognition technology for the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Gambling reform package.

Results Achieved with Facial Recognition in Gaming Industry

  • CBS authorized Innovatrics facial recognition solution to provide support to licensed gaming venues in Australia
  • Each venue is connected with the Statewide Self-Exclusion Register
  • Timely support for those with gambling problems by stopping them from entering gaming venues
Face Recognition Technology_Innovatrics_Tekhne Logia_case study