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Unfortunately, many countries in the world still do not have reliable ID documents. Loan providers, in turn, have to step up their vetting system to avoid fraud. Since Home Credit offers micro-loans to individuals in multiple countries worldwide, a comprehensive risk evaluation is necessary to achieve a high repayment rate. Our client needed an additional layer of security for identity verification.


Since Home Credit operates all over the world, a biometric system was needed to provide enrollment and deduplication to millions of people in each country. Verification and identification of existing customers were a must while also offering a blacklisting functionality against known fraudsters and non-reliable customers. It was essential to have a biometric system deployed in a virtualized environment. Our client wanted to generate alerts based on different parameters such as number of used fingerprints and unknown fingerprints, number of matches, flags, overall and partial scores. Furthermore, they wanted to adopt a modern way of enabling mobile identity verification and credit services through digital onboarding.

million customers


We deployed an ABIS and DOT solution replete with a fingerprint matching engine and face recognition capability. Utilizing Innovatrics ABIS, new users were securely enrolled, and deduplication was performed using various parameters such as number of unknown fingerprints, variable thresholds, and number of candidates. Tags were used to create blacklists. ABIS similarly enabled the identification and verification of existing customers, handling several hundred of enrollments and identifications in a matter of minutes. Consequently, our fingerprint SDKs ensured good quality data to be captured.

Leveraging advanced facial biometrics and artificial intelligence, Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) allows customers to upload their identity document and confirm it by taking a selfie. Their data is then stored in a secure biometric database, allowing them to access services efficiently and safely, while also reducing the risk for Home Credit.

Success story

Combining ABIS and DOT allowed Home Credit to implement identity checks in countries with low reliability on official documents. Using the system in several countries, they are now able to detect thousands of fraudsters and decrease the risk of providing loans to non-reliable individuals. The implementation of ABIS and DOT reinforces Home Credit’s goal of offering simple, easy, and fast services to its growing clientele.

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