Fingera - Biometric time & attendance control system

is a complete biometric time & attendance and access control package. It is built upon Innovatrics award-winning fingerprint recognition technology using top biometric devices.

Its modularity allows it to be deployed as standalone unit for small companies, but also supports large scale WAN/LAN environments.

What´s best about Fingera?

  • Fingera keeps employees honest about arrival times. There’s no fooling the system.
  • Prevents “Buddy-Punching” by requiring a combination of biometric identifiers
  • Accurately reports employee time/attendance to Payroll & HR thereby reducing payroll processing costs
  • Eliminates unauthorized overtime
  • One of the only turn-key solutions in the market addressing both time-and-attendance and access control
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Fast fingerprint and card identification leveraging Innovatrics’ award-winning technologies
  • Modern terminal with large touchscreen



  • Multiple terminals can be synchronized via LAN or Internet for large scale deployments
  • Administration is possible from local premises through LAN or remotely over the Internet
  • Thin client access, means there’s no software to install for administration. Access to the terminals is through a standard web browser
  • Integrated relay can be used for acces control
  • Additional scanners can be connected to any terminal that require bi-directional access control
  • Extensible system built on industry-standard technologies such as SQLite and Ruby on Rails


Software features

  • Working time is calculated based on clock-in and clock-out
  • Fully customizable to accommodate different business rules
  • Attendance time reports can be generated for groups or individuals
  • Reports can be exported as XLS, CSV or PDF files or can be printed directly from the terminals
  • Scheduling of automatic database backups, automatic reports
  • Data can be exported locally to USB or remotely via FTP or SSH
  • Shifts schedule support
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Record-Locking prevents unintended over-writing
  • Flexible configuration of the rounding rules and grace periods
  • Include/exclude weekend and holidays from time report
  • Clock-out reasons can be created or modified
  • Supports multiple locations, departments and shifts
  • Real-time personnel availability information
  • Overtime reports
  • Sound notification
  • Multilingual software



Fingera Standalone

Fingera standalone can be used for smaller companies when only one device for time & attendance is needed. Fingera standalone is connected directly to local network (LAN).

Fingera Thin or Fingera Access control

When more than one Fingera device needs to be deployed in one location, Fingera server is needed. If you need to place more Fingera terminals or access control devices, these need to be connected through local network to Fingera server.

Synchronized Fingera

Fingera solution supports local synchronization and also synchronization over internet. You can connect multiple Fingera devices which will be synchronized through local Fingera server or our virtual (internet) server. That means you can easily connect multiple distant branches and have centralized access to all data.

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Visit our product page dedicated to our biometric time & attendance system Fingera.

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