Innovatrics Launches New Biometric Multimodal SDK

We are pleased to announce the launch of IDKit Multimodal SDK. Designed for 1:N and 1:1 fingerprint and face matching, Read more


Innovatrics fingerprint SDKs now available in a SERVER version

What´s new? Get your favorite fingerprint SDKs in server version suitable for smaller projects. Find more information on our E-Shop.   Read more


Release of new version of IDKit SDK

New version of IDKit SDK  has been recently released. This version introduces: similarity score internal <0,1000> new s. score normalization and has following important bug fixes: memory leak in identification on Windows 64bit fix of user tag loading from DB via JDBC (tag queries were not working) For our customers, the latest version will... Read more


Next generation IDKit 3

Innovatrics team constantly works on our SDKs development to achieve better, faster, more accurate SDKs. The recent release of our next generation IDKit SDK 3 has brought significant improvements in performance and customer experience. What’s new? Fingerprint verification and identification algorithm improvements Improvements in similarity score representation Fast quality checks using a new method of performing... Read more


Innovatrics Launches Next Generation AFIS

Designed for integrators, the solution is the fastest available on the market BRATISLAVA, Slovakia–March, 2016 Innovatrics, an independent top-ranked provider of biometric software solutions, today announces the release of its next generation of AFIS, a stack of technologies that offer an Automated Fingerprint Identification Solution that is fully scalable, multimodal, and customizable, and that can... Read more